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Martinique - the island of flowers


Martinique : madras scarf or bakoua hat, fish blaff or créole black pudding, let yourself fall for this mixed island, where the flowery volcanic north Martinique,  rich with its luxuriant vegetation contrasts with the lazy south Martinique and its long dream beaches. Everywhere, in the same rum scent, endless cane fields, rippling under the breath of a warm wind.

Martinique evokes familiar and contrasted pictures: the humble house where Joséphine of Beauharnais was born, the painful vision of Saint Pierre's ruins and the hieratic outline of Diamond Rock, long contended for with the English Navy for the control of the Caribbean sea.

The tourist development in Martinique has not disturbed the charm of these quiet districts where the small sail boats are still called "gomyés", where the grandmothers still know how to prepare soursop fritters, where the pineapple slices served with the ti'punch of Martinique are cut in a fancy way.

In this secret Martinique, there exist extraordinary memory places: the mosaic flooring of Case-Pilote church made with the debris of crockery burnt at the time of the eruption of the Pelée mountain, Morne Vert nestled at the foot of the Carbet pitons, these old sugar factories of  l'anse Latouche , the paths of the North Trace Martinique, that one hikes following humming birds.

Martinique practical information

Formalities: For French citizens,  a valid national identity card.

Currency: The euro (checks are generally not accepted in Martinique).

Time lag with the mainland: 5 hours in winter, 6 hours in summer (noon in the mainland = 6 a.m. in Martinique)

Climate Martinique: tropical climate with a temperature varying between 24 and 28 degrees all year round. The rain season happens during the summer months; nevertheless the sun always shines at length.

Flight time Martinique: Between 8 and 9 hours from the mainland

The Pirate's Martinique A playful rendez-vous to discover Martinique

( Traduction effectuée par Marie-Claude, une aimable internaute de Martinique que nous remercions )

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